Game 61: Tigers (28-32) @ Cubs (20-40), 8:05 PM

Coming off a series win against a 1st place National League team (well, not anymore), the Tigers return to the historic Wrigley Field for the first time since 2006 when brooms were used. Another sweep of the Cubs would be nice, but I guess let’s just get through this day-to-day like we’ve done all season. […]

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And This Game Will Be Henceforth Known as The Fall of the House of Aroldis Chapman

Our main character is sitting in the corner of the room. This room was bare except for a chest of drawers sitting on an ancient wooden floor. This chest of drawers was empty; if there had been anything in them our main character would have put them on. As it was, our main character wore […]

Game 60: Tigers (27-32) @ Reds (32-36), 8:00 PM

Game 60: Tigers (27-32) @ Reds (32-36), 8:00 PM

The Tigers look to win this weekend series against the Cincinnati Reds with rookie Drew Smyly taking to the mound. Our old friends at ESPN—including Terry Francona! gasp!—will be broadcasting the game. What are the odds they’ll spend more time talking about Manny Pacquiao than the Tigers and Reds? What are the odds Tigers fans […]

look, i can steal THIS many bases

Quintin Berry Is Not An Everyday Player, So Stop Trying To Make Him One

There has been a whole lot of conjecture lately over one Quintin Berry. You know, the guy that came up when the Tigers (finally) DL’d Austin Jackson and played a few good games and got everyone excited. Jackson’s back now, of course, so there’s a good portion of the fanbase (and, alarmingly, a few writers) […]

Tigers Overcome Pretty Much Everything, Find Way To Beat Reds

What would you say if I told you that Justin Verlander threw over 110 pitches in five innings, Delmon Young was involved in a brutal fielding mishap, the Tigers managed two pithy runs off Bronson Arroyo, and they won the game? Yes, I’d be a bit surprised too, but that’s exactly how it happened as […]

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