The Ignored Bullet Holes (A Look at Some Detroit Batting Statistics After 100 PAs)

I ignored the bullet holes in the recap last night for a reason. This is the reason. I wanted to take a step back and look at the everyday players and put their roughly 100 plate appearances into perspective. What perspective? I’m not sure, since I haven’t written any of this yet, but we’ll find […]

The Detroit Baseball Tigers Hit Three Home Runs in Win over Chicago White Sox

The Detroit Baseball Tigers Hit Three Home Runs in Win over Chicago White Sox

Awesome Photo from The Mighty Flynn‘s Tumblr You can make things sound a certain way with Words. That’s what’s great about writing. You influence people (if you make sense). People tend to get mad at the media for twisting Words in a way that makes a story sound much better than it is. Now, that’s […]

Tigers Demote Unused Reliever in Exchange for Doug Fister

Recap is coming shortly, but I need to get something to eat first – although I’ve had enough big potato to last me a few weeks. But before I do that, a bit of news. Brayan Villarreal has been sent to Triple-A Toledo following today’s win over the White Sox. This is not a surprise […]

Big Donkey Devours Big Potato; Tigers Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Baseball is deeply evil sometimes. Tiger fans have gotten so spoiled thanks to the sometimes stressful but usually successful efforts of Joaquin Benoit and Jose Valverde at protecting late leads that when it doesn’t happen, it’s quite the unfortunate circumstance. Today, it happened again – alarmingly, the Tigers have already lost five games in which […]

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