Jose Valverde is Major League Baseball’s Longest Tenured Closer…and his current BB/9 is 7.2

On twitter this afternoon, Joe Sheehan made this remark: I think John Axford, who’s had his job about 22 months, is now the senior closer in MLB. — Joe Sheehan (@joe_sheehan) May 9, 2012 Which is of course, almost right (as he then acknowledged) as Valverde has him beat by about two months since Axford […]

Jim Leyland IS ‘Old School Baseball’, You Guys

Jim Leyland IS ‘Old School Baseball’, You Guys

We all know Jim Leyland has been around for a while. I mean, people are shocked, shocked!, to find out he’s only 67 years old. Of course when you’re old AND you’ve been around the game for as long as Leyland has, the term ‘Old School’ is thrown in his direction. Of course, Leyland embraces […]

Tigers 6, Mariners 4: Terrific Don Kelly Catch In Another Sudorific Ninth Seals Justin Verlander’s Win

Justin Verlander wasn’t his best, but he was still better than most and tallied his 49th straight start of six-plus innings, which dates back to August 2010. He needed an inefficient 113 pitches to get there and at one point had to be restrained from throwing a 100 mph fist in the face of home […]

Doug Fister’s Great Start Negated Because Octavio Dotel Forgot How to Pitch

Doug Fister’s Great Start Negated Because Octavio Dotel Forgot How to Pitch

I didn’t even know how to react to this one at first. I fell asleep as Phil Coke sprinted to the mound in the eighth inning, thinking to myself as I drifted off into a cottony world of white bliss: “Why are you taking Doug Fister out when he’s been cruising?” I obviously didn’t think […]


The Ignored Bullet Holes (A Look at Some Detroit Batting Statistics After 100 PAs)

I ignored the bullet holes in the recap last night for a reason. This is the reason. I wanted to take a step back and look at the everyday players and put their roughly 100 plate appearances into perspective. What perspective? I’m not sure, since I haven’t written any of this yet, but we’ll find […]

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