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54 (A Brief History of the Detroit Tigers Season)

54 is an obligatory number much like 40 home runs or 100 RBI or a .300 average are obligatory numbers. It’s an imaginary stopping point that you can refer to when explaining something….or writing an article like I am here. 54 in baseball means one third. As in 54+54+54=162. If you like symmetry, you like […]

Farewell, Magglio, and thank you

Tigers Can’t Win One For Magglio

  Well, when Justin Verlander isn’t Justin Verlander, and the offense makes the opposing pitcher look like Justin Verlander, that’s usually going to be a problem. Verlander was obviously having a problem with pitch location (almost all the hits he gave up were hit hard), but what I noticed is that he wasn’t getting a […]

he freaking looks like alex rodriguez

Game 54: Yankees (28-24) @Tigers (25-28). 1:05 pm est

After today’s game, the Tigers will have played a third of the season. A wise man once said that you spend the first third figuring out what’s wrong with your team, the second third fixing it, and the third third enjoying the results. Third third. Ha! Justin Verlander hasn’t lost three games in a row […]

no words describe this face

Tigers Manage to Not Lose in Game Yankees Try to Not Win

I’m not going to jump onto the Jose Valverde dogpile. God knows there are more than enough people doing that already. Let me just say this: I don’t know what makes a big league closer. I don’t think many people do, but the collective idea in major league baseball is that you have to have […]

Analyzing the Tigers Runs Created by Player, Team and League

I’ve looked at the Tigers runs created (RC) and runs created per game (RC/g) before. The link is here if you want to take a look at the collective group of stats the Tigers had put up in the first month. I received a couple e-mails after that post went live from some of you […]

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